Staying Home and Staying Safe? Me, too!
by Grace Mehan, DSAGSL Self-Advocate of the Year 2020

The world is very different now. The Coronavirus has changed the way we live. We are all affected. We are all staying home.

Here is what I’m missing in my life:

  • I haven’t been going to my jobs in three week.
  • I’m not exercising at the Kirkwood YMCA.
  • I am not walking around Kirkwood and visiting my friends in their businesses.
  • My Thursday girlfriends’ group and Taekwondo are off the calendar for now.
  • I’m not going to School of Rock for guitar lessons.
  • I’m not going out to eat, socialize with other people or go to movies.
  • I’m not hugging and kissing the people I love and like!

But, here is what I am ENJOYING in my life:

  • I’m still keeping in touch with my friends and work friends!
  • I go on daily walks with my dog Teddy, exercise at home and ride my bike around my neighborhood!
  • My School of Rock guitar lessons are virtual now with Zoom!
  • I’m spending a lot of time with my family – my mom, dad, sister Maggie and dog Teddy!
  • I FaceTime with my brother Brendan, his girlfriend Sara and their dog Toki every day! They are sheltering in place in NYC.
  • We have game tournaments with scoreboards going on at home – Pool, Backgammon, Sorry and LRC! I also play backgammon on my laptop.
  • I’m creating works of art in new coloring books!
  • We are cooking great meals together and taking photos of each new creation!
  • I am seeing neighborhood friends and practicing good social distancing!
  • I started listening to podcasts, which is new for me! I’m also listening to the Little Women audiobook! I loved the new Little Women movie! I highly recommend it!
  • I’ve watched some favorite things on TV – The Voice and movies and shows on Disney+!
  • And, most important of all, I AM STAYING SAFE AND HEALTHY!


How are you doing? What are you enjoying while staying at home? Sumbit your blog post to with a couple of photos and you could be on the DSAGSL blog, too!

Keep your spirits up! Take care and stay well, my friends! I’m sending a virtual hug to all of you!

<3 Grace