For Healthcare Professionals

Thank you for visiting the Healthcare Professionals page, and for all you do for patients with Down syndrome and their families.  On this page you can request informational packets about Down syndrome that can be given to families in your office, find our HIPPA-compliant referral form, as well current research and resources on Down syndrome.  Please contact our office anytime for additional information and questions.

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Refer a Patient to DSAGSL

Click here to visit our secure, HIPPA-compliant referral form. After the form is submitted by the healthcare professional, the family can expect a DSAGSL staff member to reach out to them within 2 weeks. The DSAGSL serves families who have loved ones with Down syndrome of all ages and abilities, and that live within a 150 mile radius of St. Louis.  

Order Form for
Expectant Parent and New Parent Folders

Healthcare professionals can use this form to order informational folders that can be given to their patients.  The DSAGSL has created two folders, one is information for Expectant Parents and one for New Parents.  This form can be used to order both folders and is a secure, HIPPA-compliant form. Once the order form is submitted, please allow 10 days for folders to be mailed.

Down Comforter is for patients who have received a confirmed or possible prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Information in this folder was created with the input of mothers who had a prenatal diagnosis.  It contains information about Down syndrome, how to share the news with family and friends, resource list and the supports and services of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis. Once connected with the DSAGSL, parents can then request our free Expectant Parent Packet that contains books and additional information. 

Baby First is for families who have recently had a child born with Down syndrome.  It has information on Down syndrome, Early Intervention, healthcare guidelines, breastfeeding and the supports/services of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis.  Once connected with the DSAGSL, parents can then request our free New Parent Packet that contains books and additional information.  They will also receive our Celebration Basket full of baby items. 

Current Research

The Ances Laboratory at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is a neuroscience research lab focused on developing neuroimaging biomarkers of normal aging and neurodegeneration including Alzheimer’s Disease and Down syndrome, and evaluating therapeutic interventions that will improve neurocognitive deficits and biomarkers associated with neurodegenerative disorders.

DS-Connect is the Down syndrome registry.  This website allows information to be shared among families, patients, researchers, and parent groups.  Family members or individuals with Down syndrome are able to enter their health history and contact information into a confidential database.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation provides information on research grants for Down syndrome and the importance of research for individuals with Down syndrome.

Stanford University is conducting a new research study on individuals with Down syndrome.  This research study is conducted by Dr. Ahmad Salehi.  The focus of this study is on a therapeutic strategy for intellectual disability in Down syndrome.

LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation stimulates biomedical research that will accelerate the development of treatments to significantly improve cognition in individuals with Down syndrome.


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