For Families & Caregivers

Welcome Families & Caregivers

We’ve searched far and wide and compiled resources and links that you may find helpful. Below are links to our online library catalog, information packets on important topics, and links to outside agencies/organizations

Aging & Health

Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia & Regression



Disaster Preparedness

Dual Diagnosis

Financial Planning




Physical Therapy- The Early Years

Speech Therapy- The Early Years

Puberty and Sexuality

Recreation Resources

Rent, Utilities, Basic Needs Assistance

Toliet Training



Affiliates and Partnered Organizations

Additional Topics

Resource Guides

Private Facebook Groups

We have several private groups on Facebook you can join to connect with other families, and share resources, strategies, and stories with one another.

-The Sharing Our Strategies Group is for parents and caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome of all ages, to ask questions and share information and referrals with each other.

-The Family Resource Network Group is for families and caregivers of adults with Down syndrome 32 and older. We will celebrate our successes, ask questions, share strategies, and simply connect with others on this journey of aging with Down syndrome. 

-The DSAGSL Ready2Work Group was created to help provide employment opportunities and support for people with Down syndrome. Join us as we share information and opportunities to support people with Down syndrome looking for a job!

You can also follow DSAGSL on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on events, programs, services, resources, and news that benefit the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, and we also have a YouTube channel with tons of great videos!