For Educators

Down Syndrome Education Specialist

July 16, 17, and 18 | 8:30am-12:00pm | DSAGSL Office in Brentwood

The Education Specialist program provides training and support to educators, parents, and professionals seeking to build a meaningful education for students with Down syndrome. The goal of the program is to provide individuals with Down syndrome the best possible education in whichever school they find is best for them.  

The cost of this workshop is just $25. Participants will leave with tools, resources, and strategies that can immediately be implemented in the classroom. Breakfast and make-and-takes are provided and scholarships are available.

Topics covered- DS 101 & Health Concerns; Behavior Solutions; Curriculum Modifications, Inclusion, Visual Supports; Teaching Reading

Awareness Packets & Presentations

We have put together several resources designed to help schools raise awareness about Down syndrome, and promote inclusion within the classroom and throughout the school.  Additionally, we offer awareness presentations that can be adapted for students of different age groups.  We celebrate all students with Down syndrome in all learning environments, and ability awareness benefits students with and without disabilities, educators, and staff. 

Packets include handouts such as Facts About Down Syndrome and Person-First Language GuidelinesInclusion ABCsBook Recommendations for different reading levels, Information and Resources about Visual Schedules, and much more.

There are two forms below, a packet request form and a presentation request form. For packets, please allow for USPS shipping times. For presentations, we will reach out to you as soon as possible to make arrangements.

THANK YOU for being a DSAGSL partner!

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