Virtual Programming

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Music & Movement with Andi

Mondays @ 9am | Play, sing, dance and learn with Andi!

Living Your Best Life

Mondays @ 1pm | Learn skills to increase your independence and live a healthy, productive life.

Ready 2 Work! 

Thursdays @ 2pm | Employment Series. Learn skills and strategies for getting a job.

Play with Andi

Fridays @ 10am | Activities for babies & toddlers to increase learning at home.

Facebook Videos

Stand Up, Sit Down w/ Corny the Clown | Tuesday’s @ 1pm | Corny the Clown & special guest jokesters tell their favorite jokes! 

Workout with the DSAGSL! | Monday’s @ 3pm | Start the New Year off right and join us for stretching and exercises to increase your flexibility and start shedding those holidays pounds.

Zoom Meetings

For your safety, we have added security measures for Zoom. You will be allowed access to the meeting if your device displays your full name. Thank you for your understanding.

Let’s Talk! |

Tuesday’s @ 12pm | Individuals with Down syndrome 16+ come and hang out together and talk about anything and everything!

Parent Happy Hour – 1st Tuesday of the Month |

Tuesdays @ 7pm | Parents & Caregivers are invited to log in, share stories and strategies, and connect!

Book Club with Makini |

Wednesday’s @ 11am | Read along and discuss a new book each week!

BINGO! with Andi |

Wednesday’s @ 3:00pm | Join your friends for a fun game of Bingo & win a Prize! Don’t forget to bring your Bingo board.

Cheer & Dance with Amber! |

Wednesday’s @ 5:00pm | Join Amber to learn simple dances and cheerleading! Open to all ages!

Improv / Drama class with the Improveneers!

Thursdays @ 10:00am | Register:

Uke Club!

Thursdays @ 6pm & 7pm | Learn to play ukulele with your friends with a professional musician. Two class times to choose from. Register for this class at:

Ready 2 Work – Review & Rehearsal |

Fridays @ 12pm | After watching our Thursday weekly lesson on Facebook, join us for review, rehearsal and discussion of key skills employers want.

YouTube Videos

Back 2 Basics

Music & Movement with Andi

Play with Andi!

Stand Up, Sit Down with Corny the Clown

Healthy Habits with Makini

Living Your Best Life


Healthy Living Live with Makini!

Activities with Andi!

Ready 2 Work Employment Series

Workout with DSAGSL!

ROCK 21 Remastered Classics


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Virtual Programs Registration

Thank you for participating in our Virtual Programs!  This registration form helps DSAGSL determine how many people have and are participating in one or more Virtual Programs, for one or more occurrences.  These numbers help DSAGSL with grant proposals, reporting, and strategic planning.  Completing this registration form is not a commitment to participate in any specific program for any duration or frequency.  We appreciate you helping DSAGSL maintain up to date contact information for your family, and for assisting us in gathering data about our Virtual Programs.