Next Steps- for individuals ages 10 - 21

Bodies and Boundaries

This Bodies and Boundaries program uses simple picture cards to talk about puberty and sexuality and is appropriate for those in middle school through young adulthood. It is designed so that caregivers can continue these conversations at home and add their own pictures or drawings to the boards that were created to address the specific personal needs of their loved one.

In Session One the program uses a social story and picture cards to address appropriate touch and body safety.  Participants will be able to use the social story that they worked on in this session at home.

Also, during Session One, participants will use boards and pictures that address “What I may be thinking, but must stay in my head and what I may be thinking and can talk about”.  This activity is in the form of a “game” that can be used at home.

Session Two of the Bodies and Boundaries program is designed to create awareness about public and private settings along with public and private behavior using picture cards.  Participants will create their own public and private boards to use at home and in the community.

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Ukulele Club

Join us on Zoom once a week, Thursdays starting September 15th from 7:00pm-8:00pm for a group Ukulele class!  Learn songs everyone loves like tunes from Disney movies and hitts from the radio.  The class is free to join and you can hop on anytime!  Click here to join the zoom or visit our Website Calendar for more information

Need a ukulele?  Contact or 314-961-2504

Virtual Programming

In response to critical needs during a global pandemic, DSAGSL developed over a dozen virtual programs to meet the needs of the community.  Several programs are on Zoom and some are pre-recorded and air on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.  Programs for all ages and abilities available. 

Visit our Virtual Programs webpage for more information!

Down Syndrome Education Specialist Program

This program is for educators and parents to provide them with information, resources, and tools to create a meaningful educational experience for students with Down syndrome.

Educational Advocacy & Awareness Presentations

Raising awareness is part of our mission, and one way we do this is through presentations at schools and community group events.  Presentations can be customized toward a younger audience, such as your child’s fifth grade class, focusing on inclusion, awareness, and acceptance.  DSA can also give presentations intended for school staff members where a student with Down syndrome attends, employees of a business or company that employs individuals with Down syndrome, or any group that wants to learn more.  Visit our Education Resources page to request a packet be mailed to you, or contact our Program Manager, Andi McCormick, to schedule a presentation. 314-961.2504 or