Social Activities & The 21 Club

Cards & Crafts Club

Individuals with Down syndrome are invited to the DSAGSL office on the second Thursday of every month to create, craft, laugh, and have fun!  Participants create birthday and thank you cards for the DSAGSL mailing program, as well as craft items to be sold in the DSAGSL Pop-Up Shop.  Visit our Calendar of Events for more information.

The 21 Club

The 21 Club is a social club created by the Young Friends Board of DSAGSL.  The Young Friends Board is a group of young professionals that provide program and fundraising support to the DSAGSL.  Learn more about the Young Friends Board here.

The 21 Club is a social group for adults that fosters inclusion, understanding, and acceptance by providing opportunities for adults with Down syndrome and their typical peers to socialize with each other.  Types of events include bowling, movies, going to a Cardinals game, board game night, going on a hike, and more.

Parents are invited to attend to provide supervision if they choose, or a buddy system can also be established.  Young Friends Board members attending the event can act as a chaperone and provide contact information to parents.

The next 21 Club event will be on Sunday, May 19, 2019 from 1pm-4pm at Tilles Park- 9551 Litzsinger Rd.   DSAGSL Young Board and friends will be playing outdoor games, enjoying picnic snacks, going on a scavenger hunt, and having tons of fun!  RSVP to