Social Activities & The 21 Club

The 21 Club

The 21 Club is a group created by the Young Friends Board of DSAGSL.  The Young Friends Board is a group of young professionals that provide program and fundraising support to the DSAGSL.  Learn more about the Young Friends Board here.

This social group for adults fosters inclusion, understanding, and acceptance by providing opportunities for adults with Down syndrome and their typical peers to socialize with each other.  Types of events include bowling, movies, going to a Cardinals game, board game night, outdoor fun in the park, and more.

Parents are invited to attend to provide supervision if they choose, or a buddy system can also be established.  Young Friends Board members attending the event can act as a chaperone and provide contact information to parents prior to events.

If you’re looking for a way to add some more excitement to the big game while supporting a great cause, the Young Friends Board is happy to offer DSAGSL Super Bowl Squares!!!  

For an entry fee of $10, all competitors will randomly receive a number between 1-100.  Once all 100 squares are filled, the numbers 0-9 will randomly be assigned to both the vertical and horizontal set of squares (shown here as X). 

The winner will be the square where the last digit of the AFC representative’s score matches their number on the top row, and the last digit of the NFC representative’s score matched their number on the side row.  For example, a score of AFC team 14 vs NFC team of 17, the winner will be the square with the AFC number of 4 and the NFC number of 7.  

Proceeds will benefit the the DSAGSL, so spread the word to all your friends!  And feel free to purchase as many squares as you’d like.  The more you buy in, the more likely you are to win!

A copy of the final squares board will be posted here on this webpage, on DSAGSL social media, and emailed out to participants before kickoff

Cosmic Bowling FUNdraiser

The Bowling Tournament is August 2019 was a huge success!  We had so much fun and raised nearly $3,000!  Can’t wait to do it again next year.  Big thanks to Olivette Lanes for hosting us!