New Programs Intern, Katrina

Hey everyone!

My name is Katrina and I’m lucky enough to be a Programs Intern for this hardworking team. As a brief introduction, I am a Captain in the United States Air Force and kicking off my military transition with DSAGSL through the DoD Skillbridge program. With this transition I aim to learn more about the needs of people with Down syndrome and their families, and the responsibilities involved in maintaining a non-profit organization.   

What drives me?

I grew up with a sister with special needs and helped her learn to read, write and play sports while she helped teach me compassion, patience and understanding.

Why I picked DSAGSL?

DSAGSL caught my attention after I understood just how vast their services were. While researching various non-profits, I wanted to find an organization that I could proudly stand by with similar values to my own. Fortunately in my research, I found DSAGSL where I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. The staff and their supporting families are truly genuine and make coming into work enjoyable and uplifting.