Meet Max: DSAGSL Spring 2021 Intern!

My name is Max Schechter, and I am a graduate student in UMSL’s Master of Social Work program. One of the reasons why I chose to work with the DSA is because of the wonderful people I have met who have Down syndrome.

Frequently, I describe DSA as a place where I contribute to the mobilization of people’s goodwill. Working with the DSA, it is clear how much they care for the community and I want to reflect their goodwill in every associated project. Advocating for caregivers of people with Down syndrome to be prioritized in Phase 1a was one of the greatest moments of my professional career. That was not only successful for the Down syndrome community, but for other conditions as well. 

I will be moving on to the Special School District of St. Louis county after my practicum with the DSA. Going forward, I will continue to support individuals, families, and communities as they navigate through their unique circumstances.

Connecting with other people is the most important thing in life. I’m thankful for the opportunities to connect with the DSA staff and the BINGO squad! My dream is to have a small farm and a family. This experience brings me one step closer to that dream, thank you.