Decorate a heart as a thank you to Mr. Albert Pujols for his continued support of our community!

We are putting together a special project for a very special supporter of the Down syndrome community, Mr. Albert Pujols.  We are gathering hearts designed by community members for the project and we need your help!  Download the template and then decorate a heart.  Once you have your masterpiece finished, drop it off or mail it into the DSAGSL and your heart may be featured in this very special gift!

We will be using several hearts from several artists, so feel free to decorate more than one.  Please also add the artist’s name and age to your page so we know who to credit for their creations.

Please use the template we have provided, the hearts are the exact size we need.  There are 9 hearts on each page and they are arranged so that you can fold the paper into a letter and mail it in without folding the actual artwork.  You do not need to cut out the hearts.  Please send in your artwork by September 16th.  You can drop off your art or mail it in to:

1300 Strassner Drive
Brentwood, MO 63144

If you have any questions, please email or call 314-833-7560, and thank you for your contribution to this community artwork!  We look forward to sharing the final piece with you!