Young Friends Board

The Young Friends Board is a group of young professionals that support DSAGSL’s program and fundraising efforts.  It’s an opportunity gain experience in a leadership role, meet new people, and support the Down syndrome community.   

The DSAGSL Young Friends Board is comprised of young professionals of up to 20 members.  The DSAGSL Staff Liason will support the work closely with the Young Friends Board. Each member serves a minimum of one (1) two year term. 

The Young Friends Board meets once a month at the DSAGSL office and has a personal fundraising goal of $500 annually.  This contribution includes in-kind donations, sponsorships, and event registrations.

Young Friends Board '21 Club'

The Young Friends Board plans and hosts quarterly events called the 21 Club, a social group for adults of all abilities that fosters inclusion, understanding, and acceptance by providing opportunities for adults with Down syndrome and their typical peers to socialize with each other.  Types of events include bowling, movies, going to a Cardinals game, board game night, going on a hike, and more.

Parents are invited to attend to provide supervision if they choose, or a buddy system can also be established.  Young Friends Board members attending the event can act as a chaperone and provide contact information to parents.

Visit the 21 Club and Social Events Page for Upcoming Events

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