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Back to School
Summer is winding down and if you haven't already done so, it really is time to think about getting your child back into the routine for school. For children with Down syndrome, this can take more time and more practice. Here are some tips and resources to help with the transition back to school.

Is your student ready for school?

  • Create before school/after school routines – use a checklist with pictures or words to help your child become as independent as possible in getting ready for school as well as after school.This list can include things like putting on clothes, eating breakfast, brushing teeth. After school list might include snack time, homework time, reading. Use rewards for completing tasks and to keep your child motivated.
  • Visit the classroom/school ahead of time. Show your child the important places and how to get there (locker, cafeteria, nurse, bathroom, gym).  
  • Let your child pick out some of the school supplies on the list and put them in his backpack.
  • Introduce your child to his/her teachers and other important school personnel before school starts. Get the e-mail address of each one to begin regular communication.Take pictures of each teacher.
  • Create a social story (using the pictures) about going back to school. 
  • Create a document about your child (include basic family/contact info, interests, accomplishments, effective social and behavioral strategies). Share this with all teachers/school personnel.
  • Have your child or help your child create something they can share about their summer (using pictures and/or words). Share this with your child’s team.

Is it time for an IEP update?
The IEP Toolkit: Helping Families of Children with Down Syndrome Become Knowledgeable, Prepared, and Empowered Partners in the IEP Process can help you to prepare.

Are all of your child's teachers and support personnel familiar with Down syndrome?
Print or e-mail this resource to your child’s teachers – Support the Student with Down Syndrome in Your Classroom.

Do you have a communication plan set up between home and school?
Check out this article from Disability Solutions on Home-to-School Communication.
You can also check out this example of a communication sheet.

Is your child starting middle school?
Here are 10 tips to help prepare.

Is a student with Down syndrome new to your child's school or grade level?
Consider scheduling a presentation about Down syndrome at your child’s school.  October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month or many schools have ability awareness weeks. Contact to learn more about our Community Ambassador presentations.

Do your child's teachers, administrators or support personnel want (or need) to learn more about educating and including students with Down syndrome?
Share information about the DSAGSL Education Specialist Program. This is a FREE, four-session program that was created to help build meaningful education for students with Down syndrome. Parents are welcome to attend as well. The first session is on September 11, 2015 at the DSAGSL Office.

Are you interested in learning more?
The DSAGSL Lending Library has an excellent lending library with books on eduaction, advocacy, inclusion, behavior and more. Search our catalog - library name: DSAGSL (no password) and check out any of our books for free! You can also call our office at 314.961.2504 to speak to a staff person.

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