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This Month's Topic - Early Communication & Sign Language

Speech and language can be very difficult challenges for individuals with Down syndrome. Most children with Down syndrome will eventually learn to use speech as their primary form of communication, but they will understand speech and have the desire to communicate long before they are able to speak themselves. The desire to communicate and an inability to do so can create understandable frustration and behavior challenges. Early intervention and various therapies can alleviate and often eliminate barriers to verbal communication. There are pre-speech skills such as breathing, swallowing, and eating that parents and therapists can develop which will build a foundation for speech, but the infant or toddler needs a way to communicate until he/she is able to speak. Sign language and picture communication systems are the most frequently used systems. Utilizing these alternative communication systems will be wonderful options for your child and you!

We also have several excellent books and videos in our resource library available for check out! View our books here. (Library name DSAGSL, no password needed.)

Below are resources that will help you learn and implement sign language and other early communication strategies to assist your child with Down syndrome:

Language and Communication
Speech and Language
Speech and Language Therapy
Using Sign Language
Popular Signing Times Videos
How to Use the Signing Times
Mom Blog Discussing Signing
Additional Resources
Finally, the DSAGSL attempts to offer as much information online for parents and caregivers across our region. You can visit the resource section of the DSAGSL website for access to information on many topics including planning!

If you have specific questions or concerns about your child’s behavior, feel free to contact our office at 314.961.2504 or join our private Facebook group “DSAGSL Sharing Our Strategies.”

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