Mission: Possible!
DSAGSL's New Employment Initiative Begins with YOU

Did YOU know that October is not only Down Syndrome Awareness Month but also Disability Employment Awareness Month, too?! It is no coincidence that the DSAGSL is letting you know about our newest initiative: employment. It is possible for your loved one with Down syndrome!

The DSAGSL has heard from parents and community agencies about the trials and tribulations people with Down syndrome face when looking for and retaining employment. Our goal is to develop an initiative that involves agency support, employer relations, community engagement, and parent and self-advocate education. We can only succeed with your help! Below are ways that you can support us so we can support YOU!

  1. Complete the following brief questionnaire regarding your family members’ current employment status.
  2. Join us at our first Employment Initiative meeting on November 13th at 11:30am for lunch and strategic brainstorming.
  3. Share the following facts about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities with a business you know.
  4. Invite your company or a business you frequent to attend our Employer Summit during breakfast on Friday, December 12th.
  5. Share your son/daughter’s success story with us! The more we can help our members shine, the more businesses will believe that this mission is possible!

Hiring People with Disabilities – It Just Makes Good Business Sense!
(From ThinkBeyondTheLabel.com)

           1.    It is a return on investment: By hiring people with disabilities, a business can access new markets, improve productivity through innovation, reduce hiring and training costs, and increase retention.

           2.    New and exciting marketing opportunities: Customers with disabilities and their families, friends, and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. A large number of Americans also say they prefer to patronize businesses that hire people with disabilities.

           3.  Think innovation: Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products and services. People with disabilities can help create more efficient and effective business processes, use technology in new ways to increase productivity, and stimulate new product and
services development.

          Andrew Suelmann as Employee of the Month at his employer, Happy Tails.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Erin at 314.961.2504 or erin@dsagsl.org.

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