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This Month's Topic - DS and Autism Dual Diagnosis

Coffee Talk - Down Syndrome and Autism Dual Diagnosis
On Tuesday, April 15th, Dr. John Hartweger and Mary Hart, Board members and parents, as well as Jennifer Haughey of Easter Seals Midwest, joined us for Coffee Talk at the DSAGSL Office. They presented to parents and caregivers about the signs of and strategies for a dual Down syndrome/Autism diagnosis. Below are some key points from their discussion. You can also find the information archived at the DSAGSL website and on our dual diagnosis resource page.

  1. Approximately 1 in 10 children with Down syndrome will also be diagnosed with Autism.

  2. In 2007, the AAP recommended routine screening of patients with Ds for ASD at 18-30 months.

  3. Obstacles to diagnosis included undertrained health professionals, parents inability to recognize ASD characteristics, diagnostic overshadowing (Ds interferes with detection), and diagnostic limitations.

  4. There are two groups of individuals with dual diagnosis: those who develop atypical behaviors early in life and those who are older and experience a loss in their acquisition and use of language and social-attending skills between 3-7 years old.

  5. Treat Autism as the primary diagnosis. Your child will receive more services and therapies in school and through the health care system. Autism will likely present more challenging behaviors to manage than Down syndrome.

  6. The most commonly described areas of concern with ASD are communication, social skills and repetitive body movements or behavior patterns.

  7. Individuals with a dual diagnosis frequently show more interest in objects than people, develop fixations on particular routines, and show difficulty with unexpected changes in routines.

  8. Therapies should focus on social skills, behaviors, speech and language.

  9. It is important to prepare a “medical resume” outlining personal information as well as diagnoses, medications, allergies, doctors’ information, lab/test results, dental work, blood tests, eye and ear screenings, immunizations, etc.

  10. Parents with a child with a dual diagnosis may feel socially isolated from other families with children who have Down syndrome; however, there are additional supports and groups to be involved with as well.

Check out These Books
There are a limited number of books on this topic to date, but you are welcome to check out the following from our library! You can browse our entire lending library by visiting, by clicking here and entering library name DSAGSL (no password necessary).

We have one book on this topic:

When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Edited by Margaret Froehlke and Robin Zaborek. (2013)

Additional Resources
Finally, the DSAGSL attempts to offer as much information online for parents and caregivers across our region. You can visit the resource section of the DSAGSL website for access to information on many topics including planning!

If you have specific questions or concerns about your child’s behavior, feel free to contact our office at 314.961.2504 or join our private Facebook group “DSAGSL Sharing Our Strategies.”

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