Superheroes Who Look Like Us

The DSAGSL was given an exciting opportunity to contribute to a recent story published online discussing the role of comics and superheroes in the lives of children with disabilities. The story, written by Brent Moeshlin for Quality Comix, was released on Oct 16, 2019. Moeshlin includes profiles of several special adults who have worked to create unique characters and comic books involving some kind of disability, inspired in most cases by the struggles and triumphs that the creators have experienced through the course of their own child’s disability.

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is one of several organizations featured in the story which specializes in working with individuals with a disability. In addition to sharing personal anecdotes and accounts from parents describing why they chose to create comic books for their kids, Moeshlin brings in the expert take of organizations like DSAGSL on why showing children superheroes that have special needs can be important.

Readers can also learn about other existing superheroes who happen to have a disability, including the series “Superb” whose protagonist Johan is a teenage boy with Down syndrome! These comic books are a neat way to connect with children both with and without disabilities to help them understand their peers and themselves a little bit better. We hope you enjoy this read!