We are Dancing for Down Syndrome!  

There’s a new social media challenge and it’s all about DANCING!  In the video below, Anna and her friend show us the dance moves for this challenge to the song, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. Way to go Anna, your dance is great!!

Once you learn the dance moves (or make up your own dance), you can play the video on your computer in the background as you record yourself on your phone.  That way you have the song to dance to.  Or you can play the song using the audio file here.  You can also find this song on TikTok.  

After you record your dance, upload it to your social media pages (facebook, instagram, twitter).  Make sure to copy and paste the message below so other’s know what to do, and then tag your friends that you are CHALLENGING to do the dance!  

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!!


(copy & paste) Let’s all dance for Down syndrome!  All you have to do is play this song, video yourself doing this dance (or any dance), post to your social media pages, add #DanceForDownSyndrome and @dsagsl.  Then challenge 5 friends to dance for Down syndrome with you! 

Not a dancer? A little camera shy?  Make a donation instead! dsagsl.org/donation.  You can find the song on our website dsagsl.org/dancefordownsyndrome, on our YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/x62PPhdV1cQ, or on TikTok.

I challenge (friend’s names here) to #DanceForDownSyndrome!  C’mon everyone, let’s see what you got!