Board Member Rob Berger &
His Cousin Kyle

Rob Berger has been a DSA board member since 2017 and today he shares the story of how he became involved with the DSAGSL. It all started with his cousin Kyle, Rob tells his story here:

My 34 year old cousin, Kyle, was born with Down syndrome as well as a variety of other ailments. Kyle lives in Southern California and I don’t get to see him often. Over the years I’ve heard a lot about the struggles my aunt and uncle have encountered raising a child with Down syndrome. I’ve also been incredibly inspired to hear about all of the programs available to Kyle and his friends. When Kyle was born, his doctors didn’t paint a rosy picture for his future, but as a result of organizations like the Down Syndrome Association, Kyle is living a happy and productive life. He is a joy to be around and the life of every family get together. I jumped at the chance to join DSA with the hope that I can be a small part of a similar success story for another family.

Thanks for sharing your story Rob!