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Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis connects families, educators, medical professionals, and the community with information, programs, and resources for individuals with Down syndrome through every stage of life.

Upcoming DSAGSL Events

March 21

World Down Syndrome Day 21 Club Celebration

Join the Young Friends Board for their frist 21 Club event of 2019 at Pieces: the Board Game Bar

March 23rd

DSA Rocks! Concert
at Tin Roof

Rock out and dance the afternoon away at the DSA Rocks! Concert.  Six bands will perform the hits

April 28th

Spring Picnic & Photography Event

Spend the afternoon at Faust Park and have your picture taken for th calendar!  Enjoy food & fun for all ages

June 2nd

Step Up for Down Syndrome & Run for 21

Don’t miss the spectacular 10th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome awareness walk and fun family festival

If you’re new to Down syndrome we have answers.

Down syndrome occurs in approximately one in every 691 live births, making it the most frequently occurring chromosomal disorder. There are about 400,000 Americans diagnosed with Down syndrome and approximately 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome each year in the United States.

Family Support Programs

Family support can start as early as a prenatal diagnosis. Our Expectant Parent section provides information and resources specific to those who are expecting a baby with Down syndrome. Many of our families find out that their baby has Down syndrome after birth. The New Parent section shares information about our New Parent packet and our New Parent Support Network as well as resources for Grandparents.

Advocacy & Awareness

Join us in our mission to benefit the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

As part of our mission, we promote awareness and advocacy through events, programming and with the help of other like-minded people and organizations. We are committed to advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome and we recognize that there are two types of advocacy: personal advocacy and systems change.

Down Syndrome Education Specialist

The DSAGSL is proud to offer the Down Sydrome Education Specialist Program! This Partnership Program is a joint effort between greater St. Louis area schools, agencies, parents and the DSAGSL. The goal of the partnership is to provide support for educators, parents and professionals seeking to build a meaningful education for students with Down syndrome.