Wrightslaw in St. Louis

JJ Gossrau is a parent and a member of the Kirkwood-Webster Community Group through the DSAGSL. This week in the blog she takes time to talk about the Wrightslaw Conference she attended on May 14 in St. Louis, sponsored by MPACT.

Last Tuesday, May 14, the DSAGSL provided me the opportunity to attend a Wrightslaw training by Pete Wright, Esq., on Special Education Law.  The training was held at UMSL and was well attended by other parents and professionals looking for ways to be effective advocates for children with special needs.

Mr. Wright presented special ed. information in concrete terms and provided resources that will help the participants access answers quickly and efficiently in the future.  Thanks to the training, my will to be prepared and ready for the challenges that sometimes arise when navigating the special education system has been renewed.  I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the “what ifs” and recognize that it is just a matter of being organized and prepared for meetings.  I think the key message throughout the training was be prepared and don’t assume others have the same goals in mind for your child as you do.

By being prepared and educated about your child’s education, you will feel more in control and have a better understanding of the supports available to help your child succeed. Special Education Law, From Emotions to Advocacy, and All About IEPs, are the books Mr. Wright referenced throughout the training and I think they are worth checking out if you have a child receiving special education services.

For more information, you can visit wrightslaw.com or connect with Wrightslaw on Facebook.