The USA Games – by Lindsey Hawkins

I was nervous about going on the plane for my first time, but I conquered my fears and did it for my brother’s dog, Bentley.

At the opening ceremony, it was amazing! They had loud music, bright lights and it was outstanding. We walked on the stage with Team Missouri. It was an amazing night.

The games started on Monday with average scores in bowling. Then, on Tuesday it was competing day for singles. I made the top three. It was an amazing day for me, and on the same day I won one of my medals for third place in singles.

The doubles in bowling competition was on Wednesday. I was paired with Tiffany for the doubles competition, and we got another medal.  It was a third place medal, and I am proud of it.  We also got flowers with any medals we received!

On Thursday, was the team bowling, and I bowled a score of 150. I also bowled a 167 game and a 165 game. Another day in team bowling, I bowled with a very good partner and we got another third place medal.

On Thursday evening, we went on a cruise, boat ride. The boat was fancy, big and I saw the Statue of Liberty in New York City.  It was beautiful and special at sundown.

Friday was awards ceremony for team bowling and I came in third place for the nation.

This was my first time in New Jersey, and it was an awesome adventure for me to compete in bowling. I met new friends when I was on the journey.  At the end of my trip I came back to St. Louis with three medals from the USA Games, and I am very proud of myself for winning and following my dreams. My medals are so heavy, and I am proud! I am a true champion and an athlete in this sport.

At the closing ceremony, they take down the flag for the last time say goodbyes.  We are all champions in our sport, and I can’t wait for next time!