Topic of conversation: FOX’s Glee takes on gun violence – with a twist

This week on Facebook we wanted to hear what our community thought about last Thursday’s episode of Glee. The episode featured a storyline about gun violence that included Lauren Potter‘s character, Becky, bringing a gun to school as part of a stroyline that had her scared about her future after high school. Becky didn’t intend to fire the gun, but accidentally set off two shots while handing it over to teacher and friend Sue Sylvester.

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We echo the sentiment of our friends at the National Down Syndrome Society who said, “Taking a gun to school is something very serious and would likely come with a mental health condition. That’s not appropriate for someone with Down syndrome and not a stigma they need.” We also recognize, as some have noted in articles since the episode aired, that the story can be seen as an attempt to fully integrate Becky’s character. And of course it goes without saying that Potter’s acting deserves much praise, regardless of the content or your feelings about it.

A few of our Facebook friends shared their opinions:

“Do not watch this show…but I do think it was a poor choice for this character to grab a gun to defend from a bully. My daughter would never have made such a choice. It does no favor to the reputation of those with Down syndrome. Just shaking my head wondering what where they thinking?”


“I did watch this and was very upset. My high school students even hated that the show portrayed Becky in this way. Makes me sick!”


“I don’t watch the show either, and this episode goes to show why. I wish another producer would pick up this lovely actress and she would get off of this show.”

What is your take on last week’s Glee? Take a moment to read the stories surrounding it and jump over to our Facebook post to join the conversation: