Down Syndrome Super Star #4 – Ruth

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the DSAGSL is recognizing individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond for an individual with Down syndrome and/or the Down syndrome community. Do you know an individual or group who fits this description? We want to congratulate them! Submit their name/contact info, a brief description and pictures to

Ruth is the leader of our 4-H Club, the Mt. Zion Country Clovers in Marion county.  Ruth has two girls in our club with Down syndrome, one being my daughter Megan. In addition to NEVER telling these girls that they cannot do something, she actually strongly encourages them be involved at all levels of participation. She has prompted them to show projects at the local and state fairs, give demonstrations in front of the club, county, and state fair level, attend camps, be camp counselors, hold club offices, etc. Currently, our new president of the club is a girl with Down syndrome. This past year, my daughter was song leader for the club. She supports these girls in any way that they need it and has never made them feel “different.” She is fun, engages all the children, is positive, and has done all this while working full-time and earning her masters degree. I am in awe of her energy alone. Ruth is a great example of a Down Syndrome Superstar!

-Karen Miller, parent of Megan