Newest office volunteer: Meet Paige!

Our office is filling up for the fall! Last week, Paige joined Neha on our Thursdsay volunteer schedule. We are lucky to have Paige in helping us in the morning and look forward to seeing her each week. Paige wrote a little bit about herself to help you get to know her – but feel free to stop in and say hi anytime she is here!

Hi, my name is Paige Brune and I am 21 years old. I have one brother and his name is Stuart. He is married to Ellen and then live in Arkansas and have two dogs. Their dogs are Max and Riley. I have a huge family. Some live here and some live far away. I used to have a dog, but she passed away.

I also wear hearing aids. I speak English and sign language. I like to read, watch movies and shows, color, sometimes do paperwork, play with barbies and listen to music. I like all kinds of holidays, except Halloween. And I like all colors, except black. I use to live in Columbia and I lived [St. Louis] here since I was 9.