Meet Lindsey!

Our newest office volunteer and self-advocate, Lindsey Hawkins, joined us for her first day today. She went right to work, but took a little break to tell us a little about herself. If you’re in the area on Wednesdays, stop in and see her!

Lindsey loves participating in Special Olympics – and she excels at her sports.

“I am doing the National Games in bowling in 2014. I have been practicing bowling every Saturday morning. I also compete in basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis…My favorite tennis coach is Jeremie Ballinger…I have been doing Special Olympics for 7 years and I medals, too. I have 90 medals now…Special Olympics has changed my life because I am strong and proud and [it teaches me] to follow your heart.”

She also works with Special Olympics to support other peopole who take part in the sports they offer.

“I am doing [an event for] Special Olympics called Over the Edge. I will do rappeling down the Four Seasons hotel in downtown St. Louis. When I rappel it’s fun going down the side of the hotel. I did do Over the Edge for the last 2 years and I have to raise $1,000 for doing Over the Edge.


I have also been a Global Messanger for 3 years. I have talked about Special Olympics, how to join and how it is fun for learning new skills step-by-step.”


And, of course, she loves the St. Louis Cardinals.

“I have went to a lot of Cardinals games for four years and it is so much fun. I have been on the field at Busch Stadium and in the pitchers bullpen to throw balls and I have been in the Cardinals dugout, too. I have met some of the Cardinals players and former players and got their autograph.


My favorite heros of the Cardinals are Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig, Trevor Rosenthal, Adam Wainwright, David Freese, Matt Holliday, Shelby Miller, Yadier Molina and my favorite hero of all is the manager, Mike Matheny.”


Her first introduction into sports was in high school.

“In high school I was a cheerleader for 1 year and I was a spirit captain and manager for the softball and soccer teams at Lutheran High School in St. Charles.”

Her parting words?

“Let’s go Cardinals for the sweep!”

Appropriate, since this interview was done on the last day of three-game series between ger beloved Cards and the Reds (a game which she is happily attending).