Lily Jackson’s Message

Lily Jackson, a 7th grader in the Fort Zumwalt School District wrote and shared a speech with her entire school in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day! Way to go, Lily!

I want to write this story about me having Down syndrome so my friends will understand and treat me the same.  When my friends don’t treat me the same I feel different.  I want my friends to be nice and help me when I don’t understand things.  I would like my friends to listen to my feelings without having a fit and judging me.  Most people think that having Down syndrome means that you have an extra chromosome, but I think of it as having a little extra sugar.  I’m proud of myself.  I am a good friend, nice typical kid, beautiful and independent.

Even though I have a disability, I still do things like the other persons can do.  I am a cheerleader.  I am in a swim program.  I am on a tumbling team.  I like to watch movies, put on makeup, listen to music and play on my iPad.

Most of my classes are with kids with learning disabilities and a few classes are with kids that don’t have learning disabilities.  I have two paras that help me with the stuff that I don’t understand so I can get it done.  When I’m in a class without either of my two paras, there are teachers and other paras that can help me.  I want to get all my work done and have good grades at WMS before I go to WHS.

After high school I want to go to cosmetology school to become a makeup artist.  To prepare myself I watch YouTube makeup videos.  I also practice putting makeup on my dummy head, my mom, myself, Hannah and even my grandpa.  I like to read and look at pictures in the Bobby Brown makeup book for tweens/teens.  I may not learn things the same as other people, but I’m easy going to try my best even if its hard and I know I can do just about anything.  Sometimes I feel like people only see the outside of me and not the inside of me like my opinions, feelings and how I think.

I don’t mind having Down syndrome because my friends help me.  I’d like people that don’t know me to get to know me for who I am, treat me nice – the same not different.  Most of all, I want everyone to be my awesome friend.