Down Syndrome Super Star #1 – Kirkwood KinderCare Staff

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the DSAGSL is recognizing individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond for an individual with Down syndrome and/or the Down syndrome community. Do you know an individual or group who fits this description? We want to congratulate them! Submit their name/contact info, a brief description and pictures to

I’d like to nominate the staff at Kirkwood Kindercare, for welcoming Will with open arms every time we go through the doors. He graduated and is at Lindbergh now, but from age 1-3 he attended Kindercare.

When I was looking for daycare, I was so dismayed by long wait lists. The only place I found with availability, wasn’t comfortable enrolling a child with Down syndrome. Needless to say, I was heartbroken.

The shining light was when Kindercare was, not only delighted to enroll him, but didn’t hesitate at all. His two-year-old classroom teachers were awesome with him, listened to his First Steps team, and loved him like he was theirs. Patience and understanding, with high expectations, is something we all want and that is what we found there.┬áThere is such a positive tone set at Kindercare, and they are always so flexible.

15 out of 25 of their staff walked at Step Up for Down Syndrome this year. Amazing!

I hope you consider the Kindercare in Kirkwood superstars, because I know Will does and so do we!

-JJ Gossrau, parent of Will