Important advocacy message: First Steps funding


Legislation has been passed to keep First Steps funding. Thank you for all of your help in keeping this program alive!

ADVOCACY ALERT: Funding for First Steps was removed from the Missouri state budget last week.  A deal has since been reached to restore that funding, but legislation needs to be passed in order to do so.  Governor Nixon is in KC and Springfield today meeting with parents and advocates.  His message: In order to save this funding, we must use our voice this week.  Below is a link to contact your legislator directly, and also language from the DESE website that describes what must be done to keep First Steps intact.  Call your legislators and share this message with your friends and family!

Click for Legislator phone numbers

Info about First Steps (Source: DESE):

In an effort to assure that sufficient funds for First Steps and for ECSE will be available in FY14, it will be necessary for the General Assembly to establish the Missouri Senior Services Protection Fund during the final week of the 2013 legislative session. The Missouri Senior Services Protection Fund will provide the funding stream through which General Revenue will flow to these programs. It is our understanding that without this being accomplished; the ability for the state to sufficiently fund to these programs will be impacted.