Holiday Traditions – by Lindsey, Abeo and Grace

What is the best part of the Holiday season to you? Does your family have traditions that you look forward to each year and hope to carry on with your own family? We thought it would be appropriate to the season to ask some of our self-advocate office volunteers to share how their families celebrate the Holiday Season.

1. How does your family celebrate the holidays?

Lindsey: I like to open gifts on Christmas Day with my family and celebrate on New Year’s Eve the best!

Abeo: Kwanzaa is my tradition. This year it starts December 26 and goes until January 1.

Grace: I love to stay home with my family. We wake up in the morning and open gifts from Santa and family. Then we eat dinner later.

2. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Lindsey: We celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We go to a different person in my family’s house every year.

Abeo: We celebrate Kwanzaa. We sit together, light a candle and for seven days we pray and talk about our ancestors.

Grace: We celebrate Christmas. My family stays home, hangs out and does something together.

3. What do the holidays mean to you?

Lindsey: I love being with my family and enjoying company at different houses. Even during Christmas, I’m looking forward to Cardinals season, and hanging out with my dogs Bentley and Oscar.

Abeo: Kwanzaa helps us study our history. We learned that in Africa people dressed up, put bowls on their head to dance, carried their babies on their backs and loved to cook. African culture is different, and I like it.

Grace: Christmas is my favorite time of year.  To me it is a time to do something special like hangout with our families and friends.