Meet Haley – by Haley Brightwell

Hello!  Haley Brightwell speaking, an Iowa native who loves sports, dogs, and helping people.  I am the Marketing Intern here at DSAGSL and I assist Emily with managing the social media channels associated with the organization.  I have recently taken an interest in the digital media realm of marketing and I wanted to apply that to an organization that truly helps others…so here I am!

I am currently on my way towards obtaining a Master of Business Administration from the University of Missouri – St. Louis where I also finished my undergraduate degree and played collegiate volleyball.  As I finish my Masters this coming academic year I will continue to work with the volleyball team as their Graduate Assistant Coach.  I am really excited for the new challenge and look forward to switching hats as I go from a player to a coach!

I hate to make another reference to hats but I am going to anyway, I wear many hats.  I like to add as many things into my schedule as possible…and then add one more.  I like staying busy, I like accomplishing goals, and I don’t like the feeling of wasting time.  It’s impossible to waste time if you don’t have any time to waste!  Ultimately this leads to chaos of course but chaos can be productive if it works for you.  Luckily, it works for me!

Like many many others, if you ask me what I want to do after I graduate I will immediately turn and sprint away.  No, just kidding, haha!  Do I know 100% what I want to do as a career? Nope, but I plan on having as many experiences as possible until I figure it out.  So that is what I plan to do for the next year and longer if I need to, I’ll try on bigger and bigger hats!