Event recap: ARCH-Stravaganza

This past Saturday, February 9, the people at the St. Louis Gateway Arch were kind enough to open their doors to our organization to host our first ever private family event at the Arch – we deemed it our ARCH-Stravaganza. Over 350 people enjoyed a free night exploring the Arch, experiencing the Museum of Westward Expansionthrough fun activities, listening to music and dancing the night away and just generally enjoying time with their loved ones. All in all, the event was a blast for all involved. Emily, who has Down syndrome, attended the event with her grandparents and her mom, Beth Diveley, wanted to help us share the details of the night with everyone:

Emily, enjoying the ride to the top of the Arch.

My daughter, Emily, had a wonderful time with her grandparents attending the ARCH-Stravaganza put on by the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis.  They have taken her to other DSAGSL events and by far I think they all enjoyed this one the most.  Emily’s favorite part, which is not surprising, was being all the way up at the top of the Arch and seeing ‘Daddy’s work’ – generally, anything downtown is Daddy’s work, but this time she could actually see the building!  She kept climbing to the windows and even pointed out where the Cardinals play.  Grandma said it was fun to see Emily climbing in the tents with the other kids and watching the puppet show.  It was a great educational opportunity for her, too, because some of the exhibits were in line with things she has studied in school. What a fun way to reinforce what she has already learned!

Grandma enjoyed seeing all of the other children getting to enjoy each other and was so impressed with the staff at the Arch, how kind and helpful they were, as well as all of the young volunteers – there were so many of them!  Thank you to the DSAGSL and the Expansion staff at the Arch for a wonderful evening for our kids!

Beth Diveley, Mom to Emily

As an added bonus, you can find pictures from the ARCH-Stravaganza on our Facebook page here!