A Message from Journey...

Dear Friend,

My name is Journey, and I am ready!

As you can see, I’m just getting started in this world.  But I am ready - ready to learn, to make friends, and to succeed.  So much lies ahead of me, but thanks to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis, I’m ready to do it all and show the world what I can do!
What can I do, you ask?  There are so many things, both right now and as I become a strong, independent self-advocate!

-     I can learn to read books that DSAGSL sent me for my birthday, and I can bring
      my parents to check out a book from DSAGSL’s library.
-     I can go to a playgroup at their office to learn motor skills and to start making
      friends and learning social skills.
-     I can bring my family to movie nights, family picnics, movie nights and
      PARTIES! There’s even a talent show where I can show off my awesome dance
      skills! We’ll have fun at all these things, but it will also tell my family that life
      with me is really great.
-     I can help my family receive a celebration basket from DSAGSL to celebrate life
      with me!
-     I can give my parents new friends from the community group they join, or by
      going to workshops and seminars all year long at DSAGSL!

-     I can find my passion in a DSAGSL program, whether it’s cooking, sports (tennis,
      hockey, football…or all of the above!), dance, drama or art.
-     I can learn to ride a bike in as little as one week! Then, once I know how, I can
      ride throughout the year in DSAGSL’s bike club.
-     I can take classes such as Bodies and Boundaries, which helps me learn how to
      be in healthy relationships with friends. My teachers and parents can also
      become Down Syndrome Specialists and know more about how to support and
      teach me throughout my life.

-     I can be a part of DSAGSL’s new Employment Initiative and learn skills that will
      help me get a meaningful job!
-     I can learn to advocate for myself and others through a Toastmasters chapter,
      and speak for myself at events in my state capital or in Washington DC!
-     I can attend a day program and learn about nutrition and exercise.
-     I can know that DSAGSL is supporting important research that can allow me to
      live longer and more quality years later in life!
-     I can prepare to attend college, or live independently, or even get married.  It’s
      already happening to others in St. Louis. I can do that too!

I can do ALL THESE THINGS thanks to DSAGSL. But I can only do it with your help. YOU are THE most important part in all of this! Please make a contribution and help
me become the very best ME that I can be!

Gratefully Yours,

DSAGSL Self-Advocate

Here’s how you can give:
1. Online: Visit our website to make a gift to DSAGSL. 
2. By mail: We've made a form available where you can elect to give a one-time gift or, for the first time, a monthly pledge by credit card or EFT.




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