Down Syndrome Awareness Month – an October Celebration

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis wants you to join our celebration!

Individuals with Down syndrome and the many wonderful gifts they bring into the world are a big cause for celebration. During Down Syndrome Awareness Month we get to dedicate the whole month of October to fully shining a light on those individuals. We will celebrate the abilities of those with Down syndrome through spreading awareness, and promoting advocacy and inclusion throughout the community.

For those of us who know and love an individual with Down syndrome, we get the chance to celebrate them and be an advocate for them every day. But, throughout October we have the opportunity to extend the celebration and advocacy of Down syndrome to others by promoting awareness and helping them to see the amazing abilities those with Down syndrome possess. By celebrating abilities, rather than disabilities, we can foster inclusion, understanding, and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome.

We strive to be a constant advocate and promote advocacy and awareness of those with Down syndrome and in October we step up our efforts to increase this awareness. Throughout October, we ask that you join us in this opportunity to really make others aware of the wonderful abilities those with Down syndrome have and the amazing accomplishments they achieve. Visit our Down Syndrome Awareness Month webpage or to find out how you can celebrate abilities this October.