Crossing the Finish Line- by Dan Leonard

My name is Dan Leonard and I am 18 years old.  I wanted to tell you how excited I am about recently becoming a runner!  Earlier this year I told my mom and dad I wanted to run a marathon…and my mom said “let’s start with 1 mile and go from there”…which is what I did.  I started out running a little in my neighborhood, and then my job training teacher at Parc Provence, who is a runner, stayed after work with me 2 days a week for almost 3 months and trained me for a 5K race!  I started out with slow, baby steps, and gradually got up to the 3.1 miles, which I ran on Thanksgiving morning at the Chesterfield Turkey Trot.  I was so excited the night before the race I couldn’t sleep, and the morning of I was up and dressed before anyone else was even out of bed!  My sister Lara, job coach Joan, and cousins Jeff and Barb, who supported and motivated me during my training, all ran the race with me.  When I saw the Finish sign, I sprinted until I reached the line, holding my hands up high.  I have loved running and plan to continue to run races.  Maybe I will see you at the Run for 21 in March!!

The Relay and Run for 21 is only a few weeks away!  Join us on March 19th for a 21K, 7K, or 2.1K walk.  There’s fun to be had for everyone at the event, held in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.  Visit for details.