Community Groups continue to grow throughout Missouri

Our Community Groups are spread out all over the state – one of our newest is out to serve and connect the families in the Lake of the Ozarks. Group leader, Britt Wynne, talks about why she wanted to get the group off the ground and what is on the horizon for the group.

Hello, my name is Britt Wynne.  My husband Rob and I have a boy, Scott, who will be 3 in July.  I have been a Para-Educator for 18 years for children with special needs and my husband has gone on field trips and has visited with my students for many of those years. So when I was 35 years old and in the “high risk” bracket that there was a chance of having a child with Down Syndrome,  we were somewhat prepared.  We both feel blessed by God for him.  Now, I have a chance to be a parent  of a child with special needs and feel we are the best advocates to educate others.  There once was a group here at Lake of the Ozarks, but had not been active for a while so we decided to do it ourselves along with some families we knew through school and outside of the Camdenton Area.  Our group is Down Syndrome Group of Lake of the Ozarks; we currently have 6 families and are growing.  We want to reach all ages from birth to adulthood and are excited about meeting new families.

We are currently planning Spring/Summer kick off sometime in May so details will be coming soon!  Contact me at 573.434.6289 or Rob Wynne 573.216.3069 or email