Bridging a community

Samone is the leader and organizer of the newest community group in the area, the North County Community Group. She took time out of her schedule to tell us about her story with her son, Mykell, and why starting this group has been so important to her.

Hello! My name is Samone Yancy and I am honored to be the new North County Community Group leader. My husband and I have two boys together who are 8 and 6, and I have two step children who are 19 and 17. Mykell is our 6 year old who has Down syndrome.

I never thought in a million years that I would be a mother of a child with ANY disability. I was 28 when we became pregnant with Mykell, and at 4 months we were told that there was a possibility that Mykell would have Trisomy 21. This was devastating news for my husband and me. Besides the ultrasound testing we decided not to do any further testing, but we prayed about it and made a decision that we will love our baby no matter what. Months later on our EXACT due date and on his grandmother’s birthday, July 15th,  Mykell was born. I remember his features were very mild and my first thought was “THANK GOD he does not have it!” (And at this point it was not confirmed by the Doctor) But after the first day I remember looking at him and I said to myself “My baby has down syndrome”.  I have to be honest and admit that the first few months were hard, and while I did love my baby, I was consumed with thinking about his future and wondering how people would treat him. This made me cry, cry and cry some more.  Thankfully, by the grace God and the support of my husband, I got stronger and focused on loving my baby and PRAYING for his future.

When Mykell was first born as I looked into support groups in my area, I noticed they were not consistent.  One of my goals is to have a consistent support group in the North County.  Another goal is to bring awareness to the community, as well as support and education to families and friends of individuals with Down syndrome. I am also a woman of great faith, I am an encourager and I plan to personally be there for the moms as they go through the different phases of having a child with Down syndrome.  My last goal is to bond, plan fun activities and participate in DSAGSL events together. I already feel that this will be an AMAZING group and I am extremely excited about it.

The first North County Community Group meeting will be April 11 at 6:30pm at Victory Resource Center in Ferguson, MO. For more information contact Samone at 214.222.7047 or