Bodies and Boundaries – by Linda Kronmiller

Linda Kronmiller is a parent of an individual with Down syndrome and leads the Bodies and Boundaries Workshop series.

Many years ago I attended a workshop about Social Stories.  It sounded like a great tool to use with my son Eric. I didn’t do anything with the information until several years later after meeting with a behavior therapist regarding some behaviors that Eric was exhibiting that needed to be addressed….right away!

Social Stories became a big part of our lives and they still are to this day!  Our very first experience using a social story was truly a miracle for Eric and our family!  We now have three binders chock full of stories that have helped Eric to learn appropriate behaviors.

The Bodies and Boundaries Workshop series will introduce you and your child/teen to this great tool in addition to some great visual supports to use with your child/teen.  There are four sessions where you will be creating a binder that addresses hygiene, public and private behaviors, appropriate touch and appropriate use of words.  The binder can be used daily or weekly in your home with your child/teen to reinforce appropriate behaviors when it comes to bodies and boundaries.  The binder is designed so that you can add additional information that may be very specific to your child/teen.  During the workshop you work directly with your child/teen creating the binder.  Persons who have already participated in the workshop really enjoyed it.

I hope to see you at the Bodies and Boundaries workshop!