One of the many fun activities DSAGSL does to raise awareness in the month of
October is a “Scavenger Hunt”. Signs with Down syndrome facts on them are placed around the Greater St. Louis area at businesses, in parks, and outside partner organizations.  The visibility to those walking by or already visiting that location raises awareness. Additionally, a scavenger hunt map & packet with information about each locations is made available so anyone who’d like to can go find the signs!  If you take your picture with the sign and post it on social media with the #discoverDSAGSL and/or #discoverdownsyndrome, you could win a ton of fun prizes!  If you post pictures of all 21 signs, you could win the GRAND PRIZE.
Unlike a traditional scavenger hunt, the locations of the signs are no secret.  Take a look and see which signs are close by you, and which ones you might catch when you’re out and about!

Thank you so much to all of our partners participating in this years scavenger hunt!!!!