October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month (DSAM) is a chance to spread awareness, advocacy and inclusion throughout the community. During the month of October, we celebrate individuals with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. And we have friends everywhere helping spread the word.  Join in on the celebration! There are many ways to participate and you can make a difference no matter how much time you have.  Even with only 1 minute to spare, there are still ways to help spread awareness. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started!

Be a Performer or a Guest at our Talent Show

Does your friend with Down syndrome have a special talent and love to perform? Know someone who would love to show their talents on stage in front of a crowd?  Apply to be an act in our Annual Talent Show!!  Not a performer?  Join us in the audience and celebrate the many talents of the awesome individuals with Down syndrome we know and love. Click here for more information about our upcoming show and how to apply to perform.

Dine Out for Down Syndrome

Visit participating area restaurants during designated times throughout October and a portion of sales will come back to DSAGSL and be used to provide education, resources, and support to the over 1700 individuals with Down syndrome and their families that we serve.  Click here for list of participating restaurants and more details. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

We’ve distributed 21 signs throughout the Greater St. Louis area with Down syndrome facts and it’s your challenge to find them by the end of October!  Take your picture with any of the signs you find and post it to Facebook- you’ll be entered to win awesome DSAGSL swag and other great prizes! Find all 21 and be entered to win the grand prize!!!! Must #discoverDSAGSL or #discoverdownsyndrome to be eligible for prizes. You can share, like, love and hashtag all you want to spread even more awareness! Click here to visit the Scavenger Hunt Page and GOOD LUCK!

Display a Support Sign in your Neighborhood 

Celebrate and raise awareness in your neighborhood by purchasing a Support Sign and displaying it in your front yard or window.  Show everyone “This Family Loves Someone with Down Syndrome!” or customize your sign to say anything you’d like, such as “Andrew is the best!” or “We love you Olivia!!”.  You can even have it delivered with balloons attached to really draw attention and show your support!

Show what you know at DSAGSL Trivia Night

DSAGSL Trivia Night is one of our longest running fundraisers.  Food from local restaurants, music and dancing between rounds, and a different theme each year make this trivia night extra special.  Check out the Trivia Night page for more information!

Share your Photos with us on Facebook

Post pictures of your loved one with Down syndrome on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #ImwithDSAGSL and #discoverdownsyndrome to show how much joy people with Down syndrome bring to our lives.  Make sure you are clicking and liking and sharing each others posts and pictures, and DSAGSL posts as well.  The more likes and shares, the more people we reach, and the more awareness we raise!

Want to raise even MORE awareness for Down syndrome!?  Check out these great resources and list of activities you can participate in during the month of October to spread the word about our awesome friends with Down syndrome.  It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities – celebrate with the DSAGSL!

Activities List                  Quick Facts                     Language Guide