A day in the life of Lizzie

Introducing Lizzie! Lizzie is a local self-advocate and a volunteer in our office every Thursday morning. Take a read to find out more about Lizzie’s other job outside the DSAGSL office in this exclusive interview.

1. Where do you work, Lizzie?

I work at Tillman Elementary School in Kirkwood during the school hours. I got my job from Chartwells. I had to fill out paper work to apply. I had to do an interview. My boss, Terri called me after the interview to tell me I got the job. I was very excited. I work in the cafeteria at the salad bar. My favorite part is the salad bar. I prep salad and sometimes cheese and sometimes bean salad, carrots, broccoli, celery, green and red peppers, fruit, and dressing. Then I do the snack cart for my boss. I put chips on it and fruit roll- ups and fruit snacks. I also set up the tables. After lunch, I sweep and clean the kitchen. I love working at Tillman elementary. I’ve worked there for five and a half years. I’ve made really cool friends.

2. What would be your perfect salad?

The perfect salad has lettuce, cheese or veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes. You can have dressing on the salad or you can put it on the side. I prefer dressing on the side.

3.  What other things do you do?

When some people don’t have a job, they don’t have any money or homes. Sometimes they call us to do can good drives. I help out with this.

4. What is your advice for others looking for jobs?

It’s hard to look for jobs. You can go to the internet to find jobs to get more information and interviews.